June 2020

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You can expand the range of metallic effects using PERMASET Pearl White as a reducer.

Create shimmering effects by mixing PERMASET standard colours with PERMASET Metallic Pearl White. Shown are 25%, 12% and 6% PERMASET Purple, 25%, 12% and 6% PERMASET Light Blue and 25%, 12% and 6% PERMASET Rose.

All 19 PERMASET Standard colours and Metallic Pearl White are intermixable. This allows you to create a wide range of colours with shimmering effects. The four Metallic Colours; Gold, Copper, Silver and Pearl White are also intermixable.

Rose Gold currently trending in fashion, is easily made by mixing PERMASET Metallic Copper with Metallic Pearl White.

See below a range of metallic effects which can be created by mixing PERMASET Pearl White with other PERMASET colours.

To purchase PERMASET Pearl White ink find your local PERMASET Stockist or you may buy PERMASET Pearl White online here.

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There are a number of manufacturer’s screen print inks available in Australia. With the industry on the rise the focus is moving away from plastisol and discharge inks to the more environmentally sustainable water-based inks on offer.  There are a number of options available to help you achieve your preferred print design.

When it comes to screen printing, water-based inks are gaining in popularity due to their sustainability credentials, vibrant colours and soft handle, plus the fact that they are much safer for the user. Compared to plastisol and discharge inks, rather than sitting  on top of the garment, waterbased inks seep into the fabric, dying the garment directly.  As a result, the print has a softer handle and is increasingly breathable, as well as much more durable than that of other inks. For this reason, water-based inks are becoming the most popular inks for screen-printing designs onto various garments and materials.

Screen Printers are increasingly choosing water-based inks like PERMASET. Photo courtesy Anchors Aweigh screen printers in Wollongong.

PERMASET, Australia’s number one brand of premium water-based inks, is experiencing increasing demand within both Australia and overseas due to its wide selection of diverse and exceptional inks for screen printing. These inks are available not just in different shades, but with distinctive purposes as well. Whatever material, substrate or requirement you have for screen printing, PERMASET has a product available for you. The following guide outlines what screen printing ink suits your project best.

Known as the ultimately versatile textile ink solution in Australia, PERMASET AQUA is a revolution in the screen printing industry. Since its suitability lies primarily to textile printing, it can be applied on a range of fabrics including cotton, silk, polyester and synthetics. Aside from its versatility on different fabrics, Permaset Aqua is undeniably eco-friendly.  This 100% solvent free range contains pigments which provide intense, vibrant colour, rich in coverage and deliver exceptional colour yield.

Given its 45 solid years of experience, PERMASET never fails to give your design an impressive look and continues to be the best partner for your chosen textiles. Whether you’re wanting to print promotional shirts and merchandise, a fashion label, caps, tote bags, flags, yardage, eco-friendly homewares or personalised fabrics, PERMASET AQUA is your go-to screen printing ink.

PERMASET water-based textile screen printing inks are excellent for printing t-shirts and other merchandise.


Popular for its superior performance on high-end art production, PERMAPRINT PREMIUM is the most appropriate ink for printing on sealed paper, Tyvek, cardboard, polycarbonates, polyesters, poly-styrene as well as some coated metals. PERMAPRINT PREMIUM ink has been responsible for creating extraordinary hand-printed wallpapers, stickers, backlit displays for trade shows, and hand-printed packaging, making it a popular option for many artists and designers in Australia. Not only that, PERMAPRINT PREMIUM is highly-applicable to both wood and leather as well. A variant of this range PERMAPRINT PREMIUM Hybrid ink, is excellent for screen printing polypropylene shopping bags. PERMAPRINT’s exceptional suitability to a range of diverse substrates makes it unique among any other screen printing inks within Australia.

PERMAPRINT PREMIUM inks can be used for printing stickers.

This poster was printed using PERMAPRINT PREMIUM inks by Friendly Arctic screen printers in Nashville, USA.

Following the standards of environmental care, PERMPRINT PREMIUM is formulated to be free from toxic and ozone-depleting chemicals, plasticizers, and lead, making it safer for people to use than other screen printing inks.


Specially-formulated for colour matching, PERMATONE can generate as many as 1,869 colours for your intricate designs and merchandise. Given the numerous shade options PERMATONE offers, you won’t have a hard time achieving the right colour combination for your particular company or brand logos, or simply for the design of your organic fabric or garment.

PERMATONE is completely solvent-free yet produces superior, soft handle and vibrant colors for your design. Moreover, this ink works perfectly with hemp, linen, organic cotton, and other sustainable fabrics, thus creating a highly-durable printed material. It’s also excellent for use with delicate garments like baby clothes, underwear and swimwear. If you’re aspiring to achieve a long-lasting organic screen print in multiple colours, PERMATONE is your best choice.  The PERMATONE colour-matching set of inks holds the coveted Approval of the Soil Association of the UK (GOTS 6.0), so if you’re wishing to print organically then this is the ink for you.

CSIRO t-shirt for the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras 2020 screen printed using PERMATONE inks by Killer Merch Screen Printers in Coburg Melbourne.

PERMASET prides itself on the diverse range of inks the brand offers.  Depending on the type of output you’re striving to acheive from your screen printing, PERMASET will always have something appropriate to offer. Always remember to choose the material or substrate you’re planning to print on first, and then decide which ink is the most suitable for your needs. With PERMASET, we have an ink suited to almost every project!

Baby romper printed by ‘Tinker by Print Ink Studios’ in Melbourne, using PERMATONE Soil Association Approved inks.

Click here to purchase PERMASET, PERMAPRINT PREMIUM or PERMATONE inks online or visit this link to Find your closest Stockist.


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