Fun Fabric and Paper Printing Projects for Back to School 2019

by Wendy Croxford

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16 Jan 2019  | 0 Comments

The 2019 school year is upon us– it’s time again to get your kids ready with all the school supplies they’ll need. While you can always buy them generic school supplies, this year why not start the school year right by printing some personalised school notebooks, backpacks, lunch bags, pencil cases and calendars for them?

Printing school items is not only a great way to get kids pumped up and excited for school, it’s also a fun and affordable back to school project you can do with your kids that lets them express their personality and creativity. All you’ll need is a few water-based fabric paints, printing stencils and stamps, and a whole lot of imagination and creativity!

Here are some great back to school printing ideas to get you started:

Printed Notebooks

Taking notes will be a lot more fun for kids when they’ve got personalised printed notebooks! All you’ll need are a few plain paper or cardboard covered notebooks and paints to start. You can use Permaset eco-friendly fabric paint or screen printing ink for paper, and create your designs by using a stencil or stamp, or even painting your designs by hand using a brush! You can find all kinds of stencil designs online, print them and cut them out to use for printing. You could also print out cute designs and trace these onto the notebooks before hand-painting them.

cat print notebooks

Kids can hand print their own notebooks for back to school using a rubber stamp and some water-based ink, like these cat print notebooks by Cheery Human Studios

Want a more abstract design? Try painting on streaks, stipes and splatters of different paint colours for a more abstract effect. And for a personalised finishing touch, paint your child’s name on the cover so everyone will know to who this cool notebook belongs to!

Backpacks and Canvas Lunch Bags

hand paint bag

Students can hand paint their own back pack using water-based inks like this funky example by Crowdy House

It’s so important for kids that their backpacks and lunch bags match their style and their personality. Getting that ‘perfect’ bag from the store can be costly however, so why not create them instead?

Backpacks and canvas lunch bags can be easily customised with just about any design your child’s heart desires using silk screen fabric ink. Permaset’s water-based fabric printing inks are ideal for this as their soft hand and durability, ensures colours stay on without cracking or warping.

Make sure after printing with Permaset inks/paints on fabric that you ensure to heat-set your item either in the hot sun or with an iron to ensure the print is wash-proof. Details follow at the end of this blog.

Canvas Pouches & Pencil Cases

Pouches are versatile school containers as they can be used to store all kinds of small school supplies, such as pencils, erasers, markers and the like. Teens can also use them for storing their phone, makeup, and small toiletries.

Printing and personalising canvas pouches or pencil cases is just as easy as doing so on paper. You can use stencils, stamps or hand paint on the pouches to achieve a stylish or super cute look!

canvas pouch

Get inspiration for hand painting a pencil case or canvas pouch from this cute example by Inkling Design

Corkboards and Calendars

Make sure your child or teen stays on top of his or her school requirements and activities by printing a beautiful corkboard or wall calendar! You’ll need a piece of corkboard large enough to put a calendar or notes on, and cover it with a beautiful, custom printed paper or cloth. To make the calendar, you can use colourful decorative tape or ribbon to create the grid of days in a month or week.

With all these personalised, printed school items, your kids are sure to have a wonderful start to their new school year! And by using Permaset’s eco-friendly, water-based inks, you can have them join in the fun of personalising their own items safely, without the fear of harmful solvents and other chemicals. Get started by getting your fabric printing inks from Permaset now!

Curing your Print

If printing onto fabric you must ensure to cure your print by heat setting the ink in some way. This can be done easily by placing some baking paper or brown paper over the print and ironing over it for a few minutes (on Medium setting). Checkout the below which explains how.

How do I cure Permaset prints if I don’t have a heat tunnel?

There are two easy ways to cure Permaset prints if you don’t have a heat tunnel:

A. With an Iron: Leave your print to air dry first. Then lay your print out on the ironing board, cover it with brown paper, baking paper or a clean tea towel. Set your iron to Cotton setting (160 degrees C) and hand iron for 2-3 minutes to set the print. Wait for your print to cool and then it should be cured, and able to be washed.

B. In the Sun: It depends on the heat of the Sun, however you can leave your print to cure in the hot Sun for a few hours up to a 1/2 day, or even one whole day to cure it. Test this method on a scrap of fabric printed with Permaset to check how long it takes to cure before curing your finished print in the Sun.

Where to purchase your fabric paints/Inks?

Checkout this link to your closest Permaset stockist to purchase the safe to use water-based inks to print and paint your Back to School items



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