Read What Indie Artists Have to Say about Permaset Eco-friendly Inks – Part 2

by Wendy Croxford

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12 Aug 2015  | 0 Comments

Artisans, indie artists, designers and t-shirt printers should know the benefits of using non-toxic water based inks in creating beautiful and fascinating artworks and garments.

In our previous article, we have showcased the exquisite works of independent artists like Sancho’s Dirty Laundry and Mandragora Prints and heard what they have to say about our Permaset eco-friendly inks.

This time, let’s hear some testimonials from other independent artists from Australia and the US who have been faithfully using our range of top quality inks.

Little Brown Dog

‘The environment is at the forefront of my arts practice. I use pre-owned and vintage textiles to print on, so I compliment this by using Permaset eco-friendly inks to print with. Working from home, around two small children (who like to join in) makes me extra conscious about what sort of products I’m using and whether it’s safe for them. And I love how easy it is to clean up with nothing but a backyard hose.’

Little Brown Dog

Bec Lewis of Little Brown Dog, is a block printer from Ipswich, Queensland. She focusses on creating eco-friendly handmade items using water based screen printing ink for fabric. She also conducts free arts and crafts workshops for kids. Get to know Little Brown Dog’s talented artist, follow her on Instagram.

Coffee pots and cups
Coffee pots and cups design created using Ezicarve blocks and Permaset inks by Little Brown Dog in Ipswich Queensland.

Sushi fish obsession

“Sushi fish obsession” by Little Brown Dog. This delightful textile print was created using block printing technique, a sponge roller and Permaset water based inks.


Kristen of KLT Works

‘I use Permaset Aqua inks for my design business, KLT:works. I hand screen print textiles and fine art prints. I’m an extremely tactile person which means using Permaset ink is particularly enjoyable. It’s almost like using a really fancy face cream—the kind that you savour as you use it, knowing that it’s special. The first run that I ever made with Permaset ink literally made me squeal with delight and say, “ohhhhhh wow!” out loud (I work by myself and it startled me). The texture is so smooth! The opacity and colour is rich and beautiful as well. Quality of the ink and being eco-friendly is really important to me – I want everything that I print to last. The durability and soft hand on fabric is stellar. Using Permaset inks makes the process of print making even that much more rewarding. I’m so grateful to have found this ink!’ — KLT:works

Kristin Loffer Theiss is the textile print artist and designer behind KLT:works screen printing studio in Washington,USA. She creates exquisite handmade designs for the modern home and family, from lovely scarves and animal-print tees, to one-of-a-kind art dolls, animal pillows and wall décor.

Beautiful yardage by KLTworks
Beautiful yardage designed and screen printed by KLT:works using Permaset water based screen printing ink for fabric.

stylish yardage colour patterns
Check out KLT: works’ Instagram or visit for more unique and stylish yardage colour patterns, scarves, bed linen and wall decor.

Joshua Searson

‘I’m a practicing visual artist and educator from Adelaide, South Australia. I have been trained in classic techniques, but tend to avoid processes that rely heavily on materials that are potentially harmful to me, my students and the environment. I always reach for Permaset inks when creating my artwork, whether straight from the jar or mixed with one another and maybe a squeeze of Permaset drying retarder. When teaching beginners screen-printing workshops (both from Tooth and Nail Studios and Adelaide College of the Arts), cleaning up with water is far more easy than any other type of ink we use in the printmaking studio, and negates the OHS concerns associated with traditional oil-based inks.’

Visually stunning poster by Joshua Searson
Visually stunning poster by creative artist Joshua Searson of Joshsocks. The image is painted using acrylic paint plus two layers of Permaset ink, on plywood, framed. The fluoro yellow is a Glo Yellow base and the Black is a mixture of Super-Cover and Aqua Black.

Fight for Love poster

“Fight for Love” poster is created by Joshua Searson using acrylic paint with a black layer of Permaset over the top. Work is on wooden board. Size is 75x95cm.

Joshua Searson is a talented visual artist based in Adelaide who creates cool posters, t-shirts, merchandising artworks and wine label designs for a variety of clientele. He hand-paints interior walls, does murals and conducts screen printing workshops. Get to know the brains behind Joshsocks, follow Joshua Searson on Instragram or visit

From Sancho’s Dirty Laundry and Mandragora Prints, to KLT:works, Little Brown Dog and Joshsocks —Permaset non-toxic water based inks help independent artists, artisans, designers and t-shirt designers create inspiring and fascinating artworks.


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