Top Design Ideas Using Eco-Friendly Screen Print Inks

by Wendy Croxford

in Design

6 May 2021  | 0 Comments

Who couldn’t use a little fresh inspiration right now? Whether you’re looking to branch out with your home screen printing or to expand your product line with something new, there’s a whole world of design inspiration out there to be found. We thought we’d round up some of the best design ideas we’ve seen in recent months, and highlight some incredibly talented creators who are doing amazing things with environmentally friendly screen printing inks.

Screen printed face masks

Face masks are a standard accessory for so many people around the world these days, so why not take the opportunity to print up some colourful face masks at home and brighten everyone’s day? You could even add a foil effect ink to your printed pattern and really shimmer at the supermarket checkout. PERMASET’s environmentally friendly screen printing inks are ideal for products and garments that may be worn close to the skin, because these inks provide a vivid result without containing any harmful additives, PVC or phthalates.

We’re loving these modern face mask examples from artist and designer Kristin Loffer Theiss.


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Screen printed home textiles

As many of us are spending time at home in 2021, there’s more incentive than ever to transform our living spaces. One of our favourite ideas for passing time whilst at home is sprucing up lounge rooms and bedrooms with vibrant screen printed curtains, pillowcases and other textiles around the home. When you’re printing on large swathes of fabric it’s important to choose the right screen print ink; PERMASET AQUA prints beautifully on light coloured fabrics, while PERMASET SUPERCOVER inks give a vivid result on dark coloured fabrics without needing an underbase.

These stunning linen lampshades from Scottish-based Cushie Doo Textiles each have a bespoke pattern, and are printed in environmentally friendly screen printing inks for peace of mind.


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3D prints on t-shirts & hoodies

If you want to take your screen printing to a new level (quite literally) then why not have some fun experimenting with puff paste? PERMASET Puff Paste additive can be stirred in with any of your standard colours or pigment concentrates. It dries flat, but then the foaming agent puffs up and adds a matte 3D effect when heated to the instructions – you can even use your oven to do this at home. Here’s a handy article on getting started with PERMASET Puff ink additive.

Australian-based Tee It Up Screen Printing has been producing some awesome effects with puff ink effects.


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Big, bold wall art

Been staring at your walls a lot lately? Why not add some ultra-vivid colour with some bold art? You could create your own bright vintage-style sign or wall-painted mural using PERMAPLASTIK, adding the Glow colours to make the piece pop.

We’ve been feeling super inspired by the art of Tommy Balogh, who created this ‘glow-in-the-dark’ piece using PERMAPLASTIK Glow paints and PERMASET Phosphorescent Green Ink.

Fresh blending styles

We love a screen print ink design with one bold colour, but of course there’s a whole range of effects you can use to mix up your screen printing. If you’re looking to give new life to a classic design, then try out a blend print with two or three colours on your screen. Check out our video showing this process to get started with blended screen printing or ‘split fountain prints’ as they are sometimes called. You might even try a marbled screen printed effect. Just be sure to go with the flow – every print will be unique, and that’s half the fun!

We’ve been digging these tri-colour prints by Makani Apparel.


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Feeling all fired up with new screen printing ideas? You can stock up on PERMASET inks right here or find your closest PERMASET stockist here.


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