Yes, water-based inks can be used with a screen printing press. In fact, water-based inks have become increasingly popular among screen printers because they are eco-friendly, produce vibrant colours, and are easy to clean up with water.

When using water-based inks, it is important to choose the appropriate mesh count for the design you are printing, as well as the proper squeegee blade and angle. It is also recommended to use a pallet adhesive to prevent the fabric from moving during printing. We do NOT recommend the use of spray adhesives for health, environmental and housekeeping reasons.

It’s worth noting that water-based inks may require a bit more attention and care than plastisol inks traditionally used for fabric printing. For example, water based inks may dry out faster and be more inclined to clog the screen if not used quickly, so it’s important to be well prepared, to keep the ink surface moist and to work efficiently. Additionally, water-based inks may require a longer curing time or the use of a heat press to properly heat set the ink, once printed.