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Water-based inks for screen printing polypropylene
bags, nylon and other heat sensitive substrates 

PERMAPRINT® Hybrid Ink – Heat Sensitive Screen Printing

PERMAPRINT® Hybrid Ink is a water-based screen printing ink range formulated to provide adhesion on a wide range of substrates that find wide use in the promotional products industry. This ink exhibits good water resistance once dried, making it a versatile, multipurpose screen ink.

Using advanced polymer technology and pure pigments in a 100% solvent free base, the unique formula of PERMAPRINT® Hybrid offers an easy-to-use ink that provides excellent colour brightness together with unsurpassed performance, eliminating the need for additives.

Broad application
PERMAPRINT Hybrid Ink is suited to application on heat sensitive substrates where some flexibility is required. This includes polypropylene, nylon and polyester.


PERMAPRINT Hybrid Inks have a matte finish. They are solvent free, low-odour, intermixable and light fast*, nonbleeding† colours. They offer good opacity and soft handle. These inks offer water resistance but are not dry-cleanable. *Glow colours are not lightfast in outdoor applications. †Some glow colours may bleed when over printed.

PERMAPRINT Hybrid Inks do not require heat curing. They can be air dried, or may be jet dried at maximum airflow.


PERMAPRINT Hybrid Inks may be printed on polypropylene fabric, polyester, nylon and other heat sensitive substrates. Care should be taken with some vinyls as plasticiser migration may soften the ink over time.

Use cases

PERMAPRINT Hybrid Inks are designed for printing on polypropylene tote bags, nylon umbrellas, nylon carry bags, backpacks and raincoats, outdoor barriers and umbrellas for cafes and more.

Typical Properties

Information on Drying, Thinning, Wash Up, Mesh Ranges, Stencil Types, Coverage and Ancillary Products are available in the PERMAPRINT Hybrid Technical Data Sheet

PERMAPRINT® Hybrid range

  • PERMAPRINT® Hybrid Extender
    PERMAPRINT® Hybrid Extender is a medium for reducing the intensity of PERMAPRINT® Hybrid coloured inks and is ideal for mixing your own colours.
  • PERMAPRINT® Hybrid Colours
    PERMAPRINT® Hybrid inks are a water-based screen printing ink range that has been formulated to provide excellent adhesion on a wide range of substrates such as nylon and polypropylene, typically used in the Promotional Products industry. They exhibit good water resistance once dried.

Printink Studio in Collingwood, Melbourne uses PERMAPRINT Hybrid Inks for printing umbrellas. It is important to our business and to our clients that we use sustainable methods to produce our products.  This includes using PERMAPRINT Hybrid Inks, which are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Jason and Nadia, Print Ink Studio

Ethical Designers and Screen Printers in Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions

PERMAPRINT Premium Ink is the only range in the PERMASET stable that is suitable for printing on vinyl and has been used successfully for many years in a variety of applications from high end wallpapers to stickers. Care should be taken with some vinyls as plasticiser migration may soften the ink over time. The migrated plasticiser can rewet the ink, leading to compromised rub resistance. Particularly in high abrasion applications such as shoes and handbags. Such compromised rub resistance can prove problematic and thus PERMAPRINT Premium may not provide an adequate long term result when printed on some vinyls. Test first.

When printing with AQUATONE Inks, it is essential to flood the image area between print strokes, immediately after lifting the screen. Small deposits or thin films of ink retained in fine mesh are prone to dry in quickly. 

By flooding straight away, fresh ink will wet out these deposits and prevent drying-in. 

  • Ensure screen is hydrated before starting the print run.  
  • Ensure a nice even flood between prints, around 1-2 mm thick 
  • Ensure humidity is greater than 40-50% RH in the print room 
  • Sometimes a slightly lower mesh count can help. Maybe drop to a 77 T (195 tpi), although this should be balanced with the propensity of low viscosity ink to run through a coarser mesh. 

We recommend a mesh range of 61-120 T (155-305 tpi) for AQUATONE, Gloss Varnish, Glow and CMYK Process Colours and 43-90 T (110-255 tpi) for the Pearl Colours, Opaque White and Matting Agent

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