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PERMASET branded T-shirts, tea towels and PERMASET colour tools

Permaset Merchandise

Shop for PERMASET Branded T-shirts printed with PERMASET Inks and beautiful PERMASET Linen Tea Towels screen printed using PERMASET and PERMATONE eco-friendly inks.

Buy the PERMASET Fabric Swatch Book, featuring a diverse range of fabrics printed with PERMASET Inks or the PERMASET Trade Colour Card, featuring chips printed with genuine PERMASET, PERMATONE and PERMAPRINT Premium Inks.

PERMASET Colour Tools

The PERMASET Fabric Swatch Book features inks from the PERMASET AQUA Standard, Glows, Metallics and SUPERCOVER ranges printed on various fabric types and colours. Fabrics include jersey, cotton, hemp canvas and silk. This useful swatch book enables you and your customers to experience the look and soft hand of PERMASET Inks on a variety of fabrics. 

Buy PERMASET Printed Fabric Swatch Book online here 

The PERMASET Trade Colour Card features genuine screen printed chips of PERMASET AQUA, PERMATONE and PERMAPRINT Premium water-based inks including PERMASET Glow and Metallic inks. This industry leading colour card brings the real colour and vibrancy of the PERMASET and PERMAPRINT Premium Ink ranges to your workshop in portable form. 

Buy PERMASET Trade Colour Cards online here 

PERMASET T-Shirts & Tea Towels

Wear the PERMASET® name with pride with eco-friendly PERMASET Branded T-shirts.  These high quality black crew neck T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and feature the PERMASET white logo, printed with PERMASET SUPERCOVER White and our eco-friendly green gecko logo printed with PERMASET SUPERCOVER Mid Green and a PERMASET SUPERCOVER Light Green special mix.

Buy PERMASET logo T-shirts online here

A decorative range of 100% natural pure linen PERMASET Tea Towels featuring Australian native flora and beach designs. These tea towels are hand printed with PERMASET and PERMATONE eco-friendly inks in striking designs that complement modern kitchens and make wonderful gifts. The tea towel sleeve is printed with PERMAPRINT Premium eco-friendly inks on carbon neutral Buffalo Board stock

Buy PERMASET tea towels online here

We love our Australian made PERMASET water-based inks, manufactured and bottled in Sydney. So bright and fresh, with brilliant colours made from the finest pigments.

Jess and Lara, Home-Work

Screen Printing Studios, Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions

PERMASET SUPERCOVER White is used commercially, but must be dried, possibly with a hair dryer. So long as the print has been cured, it should be wash resistant. The rub resistance qualities however may leave a little to be desired, so possibly not on the chest, but ok on the outside of arms, legs or back.

Yes, the colours of the PERMASET Ink range are extremely intense and give exceptionally vibrant prints. PERMASET Ink was developed combining softness and durability while achieving excellent colour brightness.

Yes, they can. Some designers use PERMASET Inks to hand paint designs onto fabrics and textiles and achieve great results. Here is a blog with some tips and examples of hand painting with PERMASET Inks https://permaset.com.au/5-practical-tips-painting-fabric-screen-print-inks/

PERMASET Ink has been tested in the lab and washed 30 times at 60 °C with no sign of deterioration. We strongly recommend in house testing as every fabric and print shop has unique print/cure characteristics.

Find more PERMASET FAQs here