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A professional range of screens, squeegees, eco-friendly print additives and screen printing kits

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  • An extensive range of silk screens and squeegees in a range of sizes and mesh counts
  • A range of professional eco-friendly additives for a variety of print applications and

  • The PERMASET Complete Screen Printing Kit to help start screen printing enthusiasts on their journey. 

Screens, Squeegees & Kits

A selection of professional quality screens and squeegees in different sizes for screen printing anything from small repeat patterns to larger T-shirt designs. Plus a complete PERMASET Screen Printing Kit which contains just about everything you need to start your screen printing journey!

PERMASET Screens are made of precision welded aluminium frames with stretched screen mesh from leading manufacturers. Mesh counts offered are 43T and 24T which are well-suited to PERMASET water-based inks. Available in 3 sizes – see the range.

PERMASET Squeegees feature ergonomic extruded aluminium handles that support the arch of your hand, enabling you to apply the correct pressure for a quality print. The blades are high quality thermoset rubber in Shore A hardness. These are long-lasting and resistant to chemicals, weathering and aging.

Available in 3 sizes – see the range.

PERMASET Complete Screen Printing Kit is the perfect beginners kit. Great for printing on fabric, heavy paper, and board. Create your own stencils with everything included from screens, to stencil paper to inks.

See the Complete Screen Printing Kit here.

PERMASET Screen Printing Auxiliaries

1. Table Adhesive – A non-toxic white glue that eliminates movement of the fabric when printing 

Print Additives are used to alter the characteristics of the ink: 

2. Print Retarder – Add to slow the drying of water-based inks on the screen. 
3. Fabric Softener – Add to ink when an even softer hand is desired in the finished print.  
4. Synthetic Fixer – Improves adhesion to fabrics based on poly-cotton, 100% polyester or acrylic fibre. 
5. Anti-bleed Additive – Reduces bleeding of prints, leading to improved print definition.  
6. Thickener – Used to increase the viscosity of ink. 
7. Standard Binder – Used to address bleed or washout issues, typically after excessive addition of Concentrates. 

We tried this eco-friendly PERMASET platen adhesive and so far, it’s been amazing. Now we can say goodbye to aerosol glue!

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Frequently Asked Questions

PERMASET Print Retarder is normally added at 1–3% of the total volume of product (i.e. 10–30 mL per 1 L of PERMASET Ink). Due to varying temperature, humidity and other conditions, it is difficult to predict the actual amount of PERMASET Print Retarder required. Generally, the higher the temperature, the lower the humidity and the higher the airflow of air in the printing environment, then the higher the amount of PERMASET Print Retarder required.

If you leave the image area flooded between prints, that should be a BIG help. If you are still having problems, add 1-3% of PERMASET Print Retarder. What will be an even bigger help is ensuring that the humidity in the print room never falls below 40% R.H. and ideally is kept over 50% R.H.

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