While water-based inks can be used with a standard screen printing press, they may require some special equipment or tools to achieve the best results.

For example, it is essential to use a screen emulsion specifically formulated for water-based inks, as traditional emulsions are often water sensitive and are unlikely to hold up to the moisture in the ink. It’s also recommended to use a scoop coater with a special coating technique to achieve an even and consistent emulsion layer over the mesh, but that recommendation would apply regardless, as good screen coating practice.

For printing with water-based inks, another tool that may be helpful is a spray bottle filled with water to keep the ink from drying out too quickly during printing by replenishing moisture lost to evaporation, particularly under low humidity conditions.

Lastly, a heat press may be necessary to properly cure the water-based ink onto the fabric, as air-drying alone is not likely to achieve the desired results.