There are two easy ways to cure PERMASET prints if you don’t have a heat tunnel:

  1. With an iron: Leave your print to air dry first. Then lay your print out on the ironing board, cover it with brown paper, baking paper or a clean tea towel. Set your iron to Cotton setting (160 °C; 320 °F) and hand iron for 2–3 minutes to set the print. Wait for your print to cool and then it should be cured and able to be washed.
  2. In the sun: It depends on the heat of the sun. You can leave your print to cure in the hot sun for a few hours to cure it. You might go up to a half day, or even one whole day. Test this method on a scrap of fabric printed with PERMASET Inks to check how long it takes to cure before curing your finished print in the sun.

For further information about heat curing PERMASET Inks see our Heat Curing Technical Data Sheet