Misting the screens, or rather PERMASET Inks, whilst printing is good practice.

However, what will help you set up and through the course of the run is if you give the mesh fibres a drink before they start. Spray the image area liberally before starting. Allow 5–10 minutes for the water to be absorbed into the micro-pores of the screen mesh, then wipe off excess moisture with a damp sponge or a lint free cloth. This will greatly reduce the propensity of the ink to dry in on the screen, a problem that is more acute the finer the mesh you use. Then, if you keep the ink topped up with a quick mist every few prints, that will keep you printing with much fewer interruptions. What is also imperative is ensuring that the humidity in the print room never falls below 40% R.H. and ideally is kept over 50% R.H.