Colormaker Industries, manufacturer of PERMASET water-based screen printing Inks, is absolutely committed to being carbon neutral and have set a target of 2025 to achieve carbon neutrality.  

Colormaker began its journey to carbon neutrality in 2003/4 with the total reformulation and launch of PERMASET Inks in a solvent free version. Since 2019, all products have been made using 100% renewable power, whilst a new EV, charged exclusively from the array, is used for local deliveries. 

Colormaker recently celebrated the 2nd anniversary of its solar array going live in September 2019. Over its first 2 years, the installation saved over 300 T of GHGs and provided enough clean electricity to power 40 local homes for a year. 

Current and future projects include water use and carbon emission abatement measures, with R&D focussed on making products even more environmentally benign, acquisition of more EVs and a farm to sequester carbon in trees and soil.