PERMASET AQUA, PERMATONE and PERMASET SUPERCOVER Textile Screen Printing Inks will adhere to most natural fibres, polyester, polyester blends and most, but not all, synthetic fabrics. In order to achieve full adhesion properties however, it is essential that a) the fabric/fibre is print ready and b) the inks are appropriately cured. Extra care will be required when trying to cure prints on heat sensitive fibres. 

PERMAPRINT PREMIUM Screen Printing Inks are formulated to adhere to paper, board, a range of plastics, wood and some coated metals. 

PERMAPRINT Hybrid Inks are designed for use on vinyls, some plastics and metals. 

Whichever ink you use and whatever substrate you’re printing on, it is best practice to conduct test prints prior to embarking on a commercial print run. These test prints should approximate as closely as possible both printing and curing or drying conditions that will be used during the full production run.