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Think Green & do your bit for the environment!

Use eco-friendly inks
‘If we want to move towards a low-polluting, sustainable society, we need to get consumers to think about their purchases.’ — David Suzuki

Green is the new black!
With the ‘eco-friendly movement’ now mainstream, many people are more Earth conscious and choose to buy products that help conserve the environment.  Since corporate sustainability has become a necessity, use of eco-friendly ink for printing is becoming the new normal for many companies choosing to go green.
What are the alternatives to conventional inks that businesses are using for fabric and paper printing? We rounded up three of the most widely known here:

Soy based inks
Soy based inks are made from soya bean extract, mixed with other environmentally friendly compounds like waxes and resins. At face value, these appear to be an excellent alternative to petroleum-based inks, but the farming processes used to produce the soya beans in the first place are being called increasingly into question. At a shop level, using soy based ink for screen printing releases < 5% VOCs compared to conventional solvent based inks, reducing the pollutants released in the workspace and protecting both staff and the environment.

Water-based Inks
The use of water-based ink in fabric printing is predicted to increase by 30% over the next five years, given the many benefits that it offers to artists, manufacturers, employees and end customers.  Water-based ink produces soft-feel prints on garments that most customers prefer, so there has been an increase in the use of water-based inks due the greater comfort they offer. Water-based ink is easy to use and to clean up. It is a great choice for artists and manufacturers as it reduces the requirement for the storage and use of harmful chemicals in the workplace, creating a safer, more comfortable working environment. Learn more about the benefits of water-based inks by reading our article, “Water-based vs Plastisol Inks: the pros and cons of these ink types.”

UV inks
Ultraviolet (UV) curable inks come in a liquid form and cure on exposure to UV light. This ink is applied the same way as conventional ink during the printing process, but once it passes under the light it cures within seconds. Unlike conventional inks, UV inks are claimed not to contain solvents that evaporate and release VOCs, which are considered harmful to the environment. Using UV ink also provides a faster turnaround time since it dries quickly to the stage of being handleable and stackable, thereby increasing production speed and reducing related costs. However, UV curing agents have been implicated as neuro-toxins and disturbing evidence has emerged amongst a population of long term users.

Soy, Water-based and UV Curable inks are three of the more widely known inks available, not only to cut costs and improve production, but more importantly, to protect the environment and to protect your staff.

Join the green movement!
Stand up and take part in the eco-friendly movement by choosing screen printing inks that are safer for our environment.

At Colormaker Industries, we’ve developed a range of water-based inks for textiles that reduce the environmental impact of the screen printing process. PERMATONE and PERMASET AQUA screen printing inks do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals like HCFCs and CFCs, aromatic hydrocarbons nor other organic solvents. The PERMASET Process Colours and the PERMATONE colour-matching range of inks have been granted approval by the Soil Association of the UK – the first ink range from outside of the UK to be thus approved. All PERMASET inks are made with 100% renewable energy.

By choosing PERMASET eco-friendly inks, you’re contributing to a greener Earth. The prints you create appeal to consumers who prioritise sustainability when making purchases.  Visit the PERMASET online shop to purchase.