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Vibrant non-reflective scenic acrylics for painting film, TV and theatre sets plus murals, feature walls & more

PERMAPLASTIK® Scenic Paint has been used in a wide range of architectural and decorative applications. PERMAPLASTIK® Paints are widely used in the decoration of television, film, theatrical and photographic sets, displays and exhibition fixtures, indoor and outdoor murals and art installations, sign-writing and architectural feature walls. PERMAPLASTIK’s vibrant colour range is also extremely popular with fine artists.

Green Screens for Chroma Keying Digital Footage
Create green (or blue) screens for film sets using PERMAPLASTIK Digital Green or Digital Blue. PERMAPLASTIK Digital Paints provide the colour saturation and high luminance values required for chroma keying. They are suitable for professional movie applications or educational/school productions.


PERMAPLASTIK scenic paints feature a flat, non-reflective finish. They are solvent free, low-odour and low-VOC intermixable colours. Most colours offer good opacity. However, some of the Glow Colours are translucent and a number of coats may be required.

The PERMAPLASTIK Glow Colours range consists of 8 fluorescent colours, most of which glow under UV light. The range also includes 5 Metallic Colours, 4 Ochres and both Gloss and Matt Varnishes.


PERMAPLASTIK Scenic Paints may be painted on plasterboard, canvas, hardboard, wood, new and old plaster, fibrous plaster, cement render, brick, glass and Plexiglass®/Perspex®. For extra protection or to prevent soiling, PERMAPLASTIK colours can be overcoated with PERMAPLASTIK Clear Gloss or Clear Matt Varnish.

Use cases

Movie Set Decoration and Special Effects
PERMAPLASTIK® paints have featured in movies including Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Baz Luhrmann’s Australia and The Great Gatsby, The Matrix, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Mad Max: Fury Road, Hacksaw Ridge, Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken and Peter Rabbit 2, as well as a multitude of theatre productions.

PERMAPLASTIK Scenic Paints are designed for the decoration of television, film, theatrical and photographic sets, displays and exhibition fixtures, indoor and outdoor mural painting, art installations, sign-writing, architectural feature walls and fine art.

Typical Properties

Information on drying, thinning, wash up and coverage is available in the PERMAPLASTIK Application Guide.

When I began painting, I consciously chose water-based paints as I felt them to be the least harmful to the environment.  I recall randomly stumbling upon the incredible colour range of PERMAPLASTIK at an inner City paint shop for the first time. Gobsmacked by the pigments, what allured me most were the strength of the ochre based range which ideally suited me as a First Nations artist.  Now that Colormaker Industries has committed their efforts towards solar powering the Sydney factory, I feel even more pride in being generously endorsed by this great local company.

Blak Douglas

Award winning Australian contemporary artist 

Artwork Attribution:

Blak Douglas
Queen of her own stage (Ursula Yovich), 2019
Acrylic on canvas

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, PERMAPLASTIK Paints are suitable for use on concrete and other masonry surfaces.

PERMAPLASTIK Glow Colours do glow under UV light and a number of artists like to use this to advantage in their art. Contemporary artist, Tommy Balogh of Canberra, often paints his art using PERMAPLASTIK on plexiglass so that when exhibits he can do so in the dark. His paintings are backlit through the plexiglass so that his artworks glow in the dark. A number of mural artists also like the fluorescent effects PERMAPLASTIK glow paints offer. Some of the Glow colours fluoresce more than others as shown below.

With the PERMAPLASTIK Glow Colours, best results are achieved when applied on a white background such as PERMAPLASTIK Scenic White or PERMAPLASTIK Acrylic Sealer Undercoat in either White or the N23 Grey.

Yes, PERMAPLASTIK paints work very well on glass. These products were originally developed as a sign-writing paint for mural and signage applications on shop and showroom windows.

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