PERMASET AQUA® is a revolution in textile screen printing inks. Based on carefully selected pigments and the latest advances in polymer technology, PERMASET AQUA® delivers pure colour, a superior soft handle and excellent durability in an easy to use ink that is environmentally friendly.

PERMASET AQUA water-based inks are environmentally sustainable

PERMASET Standard and PERMASET Supercover

PERMASET AQUA® includes both regular (transparent) and Supercover (opaque) ranges together with 4 Metallic and 4 Process colours (CMYK) and a range of ancillaries. Each range includes 8 “Glow” colours and also a Print Paste.  PERMASET® Standard colours are designed for printing on light coloured fabrics, and PERMASET® Supercover colours are designed for printing on dark coloured fabrics and do not require an underbase.

PERMASET Standard inks are used for printing light-toned fabrics

Superior Performance in Both Printability and the Finished Garment

With 45 years of manufacturing experience, PERMASET® is recognised by both the fine artist and professional printing trade as the premier product amongst textile screen printing inks. Our heritage of innovation continues with a dynamic reengineering of our successful line of quality fabric inks. Building on a record of industry leading products, PERMASET AQUA® breaks new ground; a water based ink that offers superior performance and eliminates the historical trade-off between printability performance on the screen and post-production performance of the finished garment, including user comfort and safety and environmental sustainability.

This 100% solvent free range is environmentally friendly. The pigments provide intense, vibrant colour, rich in coverage and deliver exceptional colour yield. The unique polymer binding the pigment to the fabric delivers exceptionally soft handle and yet shows excellent resistance to damage by rub, wash and dry-cleaning, all without the need for additives. The ink colours have light-fastness ratings of at least 6/8 on the Blue Wool scale – in fact most of the colours received ratings of 8/8.

PERMASET Supercover inks can be printed on dark fabrics without using an underbase. Image courtesy T-Shirt Workshop in Wollongong

Can Be Used on a Range of Fabrics

PERMASET AQUA® breaks the rules, performing at a higher standard with enhanced screen stability and extended open time to produce cleaner results, longer. PERMASET inks are ideal for use on a full range of fabrics including Cotton, Polyester, Silk and most synthetics. PERMASET inks are also low in odour and can easily be cleaned up with water. A first-rate innovation, PERMASET AQUA ink is the perfect, versatile textile ink solution; it provides a technically sound foundation while you provide the creativity and contribute to a safer environment.

Environmentally Responsible

PERMASET AQUA® Process Colours have been granted approval by the Soil Association in the UK, having successfully met the requirements of the Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS 6.0) for non-organic chemical inputs for use in organic textile processing.

The products covered by the Approval include PERMASET AQUA Process Cyan, PERMASET AQUA Process Magenta, PERMASET AQUA Process Yellow and PERMASET AQUA Process Black.

Soil Association Letter of Approval (GOTS V6)

PERMASET AQUA® inks are vegan.  They have not been tested on animals, nor do PERMASET inks contain any animal products.

T-shirt by UK vegan brand Care Wears is printed using PERMASET inks


PERMASET TABLE ADHESIVE: Eco-friendly adhesive which is designed to hold the fabric in position during printing.
PERMASET PRINT PASTES: Available in regular PERMASET Aqua and PERMASET Supercover variants. PERMASET Print Pastes are uncoloured bases for achieving a more transparent shade or for mixing your own colours using PERMASET Pigment Concentrates.
PERMASET PIGMENT CONCENTRATES: Pure pigment dispersions, typically used by professional printers in blends with PERMASET Print Pastes to colour match. Not available in all markets or online – contact PERMASET for more information


PERMASET PHOSPHORESCENT GREEN: Amazing ink which enables fun glow in the dark effects. Great for Halloween t-shirts and more.
PERMASET PUFF PASTE: This high performance, mythical printing medium, magically
swells upon curing to produce a vertical rise, giving a 3-D effect. PERMASET Puff Paste is used to enhance designs and to provide a raised, textured feel to the finished print. Can be used with PERMASET Standard colours or with PERMASET pigment concentrates.

Puff prints made with PERMASET Puff Paste


The PERMASET Foil FX range consists of 4 colours, Silver, Gold, Copper + Blue.

It is ideal for printing designs like sequins and most effective on dark backgrounds. However, interesting visual effects can also be achieved on white or light coloured backgrounds.  The exceptional sparkle and reflectance is achieved through the use of a very large particle size flake. The interference effect is similar to that achieved in some high-end automotive finishes and cosmetics.

Care must be taken with the use of these inks as the technology used makes them perform significantly differently to more conventional inks. Due to the large flake size, a “normal” 43T (110 tpi) mesh cannot be used. A much more open mesh such as 20 or 22T (50-55 tpi) will be required.

Some designers have used PERMASET Foil FX to hand paint designs onto fabric rather than screen printing.  This delivers an effect like this gold on black fabric picture from Yardage Design in QLD who has brushed the product onto black linen.

The PERMASET Foil FX range opens up some exciting design opportunities not previously available in a textile ink. So, start thinking Shirley Bassey and happy printing!

Black fabric hand painted with PERMASET Foil FX inks by Yardage Design in QLD


PERMASET AQUA STANDARD WHITE is formulated with significantly higher levels of titanium dioxide pigment and delivers much better opacity. However, there is a slight trade-off with softness of handle.

PERMASET SUPERCOVER WHITE is our premium opaque white. It has the highest levels of titanium dioxide pigment and binder for use on dark fabrics. SUPERCOVER offers excellent opacity in a water based ink!

PERMASET FIRST DOWN WHITE is used as an under-base or flash white by trade printers who wish to print on dark fabrics but use regular PERMASET AQUA or PERMATONE colours to retain their superior softness and vibrancy. Normally used only with multi-station print facilities.




PERMASET® SUPERCOVER ink colours – for printing on dark fabrics

PERMASET AQUA® Standard ink colours – for printing on light fabrics

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Permaset Aqua colours are available in 300mL, 1L and 4L sizes. 15L can be provided by special arrangement Permaset water-based inks are excellent for screen printing.  Image courtesy of Jonna Saarinen, Finnish Designer T-shirt screen printed by Wasted Heroes of Birmingham using Permaset inks Permaset Process Colours have been granted approval by the Soil Association of the UK Permaset inks can be used for block printing Permaset is Australia's No. 1 eco-friendly screen printing ink Screen printing with Permaset water-based inks Hand-painted clutch bags by Tiff Manuell using Permaset inks Screen printing yardage lengths with Anna Sutherland Design using PERMASET inks Permaset's Supercover inks are excellent for printing on dark fabrics like black t-shirts Tote bags printed with Permaset Metallic Copper ink by Sarah M Beckett in Tasmania Multi-colour screen print by Reviver Printing in New Mexico using PERMASET inks Heatwave 1973 in Scotland screen printed this great LITHIUM half-tone t-shirt using PERMASET Metallic Bright Silver ink Botanical print using PERMASET Metallic Copper ink by Stalley Textile Co in Tasmania


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