Fast, Awesome Ideas for T-Shirt Designs

by Wendy Croxford

in Permaset Blog

3 Oct 2019  | 0 Comments

Experiencing a dry spell in t-shirt design ideas lately? In t-shirt design as with most other creatively-inclined pursuits, these dry spells are bound to happen. During these times design ideas and inspiration are at an all time low, and when you do come up with anything there’s often something not quite right about it.

Fortunately there is a way to get out of this rut, and that’s by turning to fast, simple and reliable design ideas. These design ideas are easy to achieve yet are tried-and-tested to be attractive and popular with a lot of customers. Even if you’ve got little to no creative juices at the moment, by working on these simple designs you can slowly get those juices flowing again.

So without further ado, here are 5 simple t-shirt design ideas you can turn to when design inspiration is running low:

1. Vintage

Vintage is a go-to design idea that many t-shirt printers turn to because not only is it fast and easy, it’s immensely popular. Just about everyone owns a vintage-looking tee, as its style is timeless and unique at the same time.

A vintage design can be achieved through vintage lettering, which is often quite special and artistic (think old world circus signs). The text can be anything you wish, so long as you’ve got that beautiful vintage lettering work down and give it that faded, used look when printing. When going for vintage designs it’s best to go for complementary colours or colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel. You could also use pastel colours for your text as these colours already have that faded look to them. Use organic cotton tees and water-based fabric printing inks so you get that soft, worn in feel.

2. Statement

Statement tees are all time classics. Their prints often reflect popular culture, but they can also be timeless sayings. They’re quite simple to make– all you need is a statement, be it a word, a phrase, a quote, a line from a song, even a little joke– and print in in big bold letters on your shirt.  Statement tees are one of the simplest kind of shirts to make, as they usually just require one or two solid colours.


T-shirt by @care.wears is vegan brand in the UK, printed with PERMASET ink.

3. Geometric Prints

Big, bold and striking, geometric prints are another fast and easy go-to t-shirt design. Geometric prints can be as simple or complex as you want, and can be colourful or as simple yet striking as black and white.

Geometric prints combine a number of shapes and/or lines to create a unique shape or pattern. You’ll see a lot of these kinds of designs being worn in electronic music and outdoor concerts, but they’re also quite popular as everyday wear.

The most cost-effective way to go about printing geometric prints would be to use just one colour, or keep things safe and opt for black against white or vice versa.

This t-shirt by @___plusone___ in Tasmania is an example of a geometric design, it has been hand painted using PERMASET AQUA Metallic Copper ink.

Water-based textile printing ink would be the best choice for this as this ink is able to produce sharper, more defined edges of a design, which is something you definitely want to see in geometric prints. They also produce a softer feel perfect for keeping these tees comfy.

4. Accent Prints

A cute little picture on the pocket, maybe a cool little pattern on both sleeves– these types of designs may be small, but they can totally change the look of a shirt.Pocket tees are particularly great bases for accent prints. By putting a small yet attractive design on the pocket, you direct a person’s eye towards that detail and make a shirt look anything but boring. You could choose to print a cute little animal, your own logo, a funny quip, or fill the entire pocket with an eye-catching pattern or design of your choice.

Pocket prints like this cute one on this child’s t-shirt by @marloweville are simple and effective t-shirt designs.

4. Colour Block

If detailed designs just seem too daunting to make at the moment, just get colour blocking! Colour blocking is an easy way to create interesting garments and the design flatters most body types. Shirts with colour block designs often serve a dual purpose: they present an eye-catching design and are also able to create illusions, like make a man’s chest look wider or a woman’s waist slimmer.One thing you have to be careful with when doing colour block designs is to make sure your blocks are strategically placed, and that they are in the right colour. You don’t want to put colour blocks where they are most unflattering to the wearer, and with such a large area of the shirt being in one colour, you want to make sure it’s a pleasing colour.To achieve broad coverage with rich colour that doesn’t stiffen up your shirt, use water based ink for screen printing your colour block designs.

Get yourself out of the t-shirt print design rut by getting started with these simple but reliable t-shirt design ideas. And always be sure to use the best water-based screen printing inks for your works: Permaset Aqua. Take a look at our extensive ink range today and get in touch with us to know more.

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